Introduction to AI in the Data Center
Interactive self-paced learning
45$ single course I 450$ as part of Platinum membership
Course Duration 4 Hours
Learn what AI is and how NVIDIA's GPU technologies and solutions take it to the next level. Designed for enterprise IT professionals and Administrators this course explores an introduction to AI, GPU computing, NVIDIA AI software architecture, and how to implement and scale AI workloads in the data center.
1. AI use cases for healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and data center optimization. 2. AI concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, inferencing, and training. 3. The history of GPUs, GPU architecture, and the difference between GPUs and CPUs. 4. NVIDIA AI software architecture, including frameworks and container repositories. 5. Hardware and facilities planning, including servers, networking, storage, management, power, and cooling.
1. GPU Computing in the Data Center (20 min) 2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (20 min) 3. Introduction to GPUs (15 min) 4. GPU Software Ecosystem (20 min) 5. Server Level Considerations (25 min) 6. Rack Level Considerations (45 min) 7. Data Center Level Considerations (50 min)
Upon completion, you’ll understand how AI is transforming society and how to deploy GPU computing to the data center to facilitate this transformation.
* IT Professionals * System and Network Administrators * DevOps * Datacenter professionals