Cumulus Linux Professional – NCLU Based
Interactive self-paced learning
90$ single course I 450$ as part of Platinum membership
Course Duration 6 Hours Hours
Please note this course is based on Cumulus NCLU (up to version 4) and does not cover NVUE. For NVUE we currently recommend joining our public boot camps. Learn everything you need to know to become proficient in Cumulus Linux. This course provides the necessary tools and knowledge to manage your switch and network with Cumulus Linux operating system.
• You will learn about Cumulus Linux features and advantages through a series of video tutorials. • You will learn how to configure common Layer 2 features such as bonding and MLAG using Cumulus Linux and its NCLU console. • You will learn How to configure BPG and VXLAN, through CLI. • You will learn about the basics of network services and security (NTP, SNMP, AAA, CI-acltool). • You will learn about troubleshooting in Cumulus Linux.
• Introduction to Cumulus Linux • Initial switch configuration of Cumulus Linux • Image management of Cumulus Linux • Introduction to NCLU • HowTo configure bonds with Cumulus Linux • HowTo configure MLAG with Cumulus Linux • HowTo configure BGP with Cumulus Linux • HowTo configure VXLAN with Cumulus Linux • HowTo configure NTP, SNMP, AAA and CI-acltool • Verify link state, counters & bonding to validate layer 1 using NetQ & NCLU methods • Look at spanning tree and VLANs to validate layer 2 using NetQ & NCLU methods • Verify route peering, route table and EVPN to validate layer 3 using NetQ & NCLU methods • Display how to Check CPU, memory utilization & disc • Display how to check temperature, fan speed, power supply, psu
• Overview of the major uses, features, and benefits of Cumulus Linux. • Initial setup and image management of Cumulus Linux • Overview of NCLU features and basic configurations. • Configuring MLAG routing protocol. • Configuring BGP routing protocol. • Configuring VXLAN routing protocol • Configuring NTP, SNMP, AAA and CI-acltool • Troubleshooting
• Linux system administrator • Experienced network engineers/technicians • Network administrators
• Experienced network engineers/technicians • Experience with Linux