Ansible Essentials for Network Engineers
Interactive self-paced learning
45$ single course I 450$ as part of Platinum membership
Course Duration 3 Hours
Let's face it, configuring network nodes one by one is not an effective method to deploy configuration and scripts. Ansible is an open-source automation tool that continues to gain popularity and serves as a favorite choice for managing IT infrastructure at scale. It automates and simplifies repetitive, complex, and dull operations. This self-paced course will show you how to automate workflows in your fabric.  Throughout the course, we will explore a variety of Ansible modules, used for different purposes, and write playbooks specifically adapted for modern data centers. That’s not all! This NVIDIA Academy course includes an exclusive hands-on lab environment and exercises, to practice real-world scenarios in real cloud environments.
NVIDIA’s Ansible hands-on course is designed to meet the needs of anyone who wishes to be familiar with the basic principles of automation in data centers environments. In this course, you will learn how to manage a diversified inventory composed out of servers and network devices, and to execute both ad-hoc commands and Playbooks which will significantly reduce the provisioning time in your fabric.
• Ansible Inventory • Ansible Modules > File management > Network devices configuration (NCLU, NVUE) > Storage management >Bash/CLI commands • Ansible Ad-hoc commands • Ansible playbooks • Playbook examples
• Describe the basic concepts of automation • Install Ansible and configure for the first time • Write inventory file for mixed data center environments • Execute ad-hoc commands using Ansible modules • Create Ansible playbook to automate larger workflows
Anyone with basic Linux and networks understanding, who wants to learn how to start working with Ansible and automate tasks in both host and network side
• Basic Linux administration • General understanding of networking concepts and principles