Introduction to Bright Cluster Manager
Interactive self-paced learning via the NVIDIA Online Academy
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Course Duration 3 Hours
NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager offers fast deployment and end-to-end management for heterogeneous high-performance computing (HPC) and AI server clusters at the edge, in the data center, and in multi/hybrid-cloud environments. It automates provisioning and administration for clusters ranging in size from a couple of nodes to hundreds of thousands, supports CPU-based and NVIDIA GPU-accelerated systems, and enables orchestration with Kubernetes. NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager is a proven solution for managing and building heterogeneous high-performance Linux clusters. If you are new to Bright and looking to learn the basics of what it does and prepare for a NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager deployment, this is the place to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.
This course is based on NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager and gives an overview of the usage and components of the software. In addition, it gives a step-by-step guide through the methods to install NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager on a head node and the steps necessary to bring up a functioning cluster managed by NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager. This course delivered through videos with a quiz.
· Bright Cluster Manager Overview · Bright Cluster Manager Basic Concepts and Components · Network Topology · Bright Cluster Manager Installation · Bringing up the Bright Cluster
· List the Bright Cluster Manager use cases and key features · List the Bright Cluster Manager management interfaces · Describe the Bright Cluster Manager components · Describe the main network topologies for Bright clusters · List the common networks in clusters · List Bright networking terms · List the Bright Cluster Manager installation types · Describe Bright Cluster Manager installation · List the steps for bringing up a Bright Cluster
IT administrators, IT managers, and technicians who work or high-performance Linux clusters.
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